Low on Pixel 7
Connect charger
3:00 AM (Sunday)
via battarang.anissan.com

Battarang Receiver

Get notified here when your android's battery is low or full

Whether you're responsible for charging other family member's devices, or you just want to know when your own devices are about to die, Battarang can help if you are someone like

Battery Alerts

Battarang will notify you when any of your device's battery becomes low or has reached up to a certain percentage while charging.

Maximize Lifespan

If you intend to keep your device longer, use these notifications as a reminder to avoid draining it to 0% and unplug when the level reaches ~90%.

No Clutter

Battarang uses a single notification channel per device so there won't be a bunch of stale notifications cluttering your notification panel.


Battarang uses almost no resources because it remains idle until the specified conditions are met within the system.

No Spam

Your devices are paired locally without any information being saved on the server, thus eliminating the possibility of receiving unwanted notifications.

Privacy Friendly

This service has no ads and trackers. While the main service is free to use, purchasing the Notifier app is optional. Also it's open-source.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get notified while my browser is closed?

Depends. Most browsers on Android / MacOS and Edge on Windows can send notifications when all tabs are closed. You can verify this by sending a test notification from the Notifier app.

For other browsers, you may have the option to enable background notifications by selecting Continue running background apps when browser is closed or something similar from the browser settings.

What to do if I can't seem to enable notification?

Check if you've allowed notifications on this site using the 🔒 menu in the address bar. Then make sure notifications aren't blocked in your browser and operating system settings by default.

For detailed step-by-step visual instructions, visit this troubleshooting guide.